Genshin maid cafe OPEN for orders!

The restaurant has given us a pre-order deadline of one week before the event (12th February) so they have sufficient time to prepare the ingredients needed for these Teyvat dishes. This is why it’s super important to pre-order your meal early! 🙂

  • Session A (12pm-2pm) is now open for orders!
  • Session B (3:30pm-5:30pm) will open on demand if Session A fills up

We try to make the foods as inclusive as we can. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free options are available, and ALL DISHES are Halal friendly. Specific allergy requirements can also be fulfilled by taking note in the comment section of your order.

Below are some descriptions on the dishes that we thought may be helpful to some people. 🙂

Satisfying Salad – Tasty, savoury, filling and affordable vegetarian meal (has a vegan option)

Goulash – Rich, creamy totamo-based soup with stewed beef and vegetables. VERY TASTY! (has a gluten free option)

Mysterious Bolognese – creamy savoury spaghetti that is rich in sauce. Generous portion. (has a vegan option)

Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish – Boneless fish pieces drenched in hot & spicy soup. For moderate & above chilli eaters!! (has a gluten free option)

Golden Shrimp Balls – Fancy and delicate fried shrimp coated with a mysterious batter. On the pricy side, but it’s worth every bite! 7 shrimps per plate.

Tonkotsu Ramen – Ramen in creamy tonkotsu soup topped with egg and other veges and herbs.

Grilled Unagi Fillet – Very authentic tasting grilled eel dish with great quality meats. It’s on the pricier side, so we recommend this for the eel lovers.

Tea Break Pancake – VERY FILLING. Consider eating this as a main meal. The pancakes are fluffy and should be eaten fresh before they deflate(?).

Crystal Shrimp – Authentic Asian dish that is adored by people all around the world.

Full Moon Egg – Authentic canto-styled dish made with egg, shrimp, and mince.

Sunset Berry Tea – Citric fruit tea with moderate sugar level taste.

Rainbow Aster – Taro flavoured creamy milk drink with taro foam, moderate sugar level.

Fruits of the Festival – This drink contains a generous amount of honey, suitable for sweet tooth.

Berry & Mint Burst – Light and minty bubbly citric drink, suitable for people with lighter tastes.

Return policy:

Refunds/returns are accepted until Friday 10th February for change of minds. Paypal transactions may incur a processing fee (that they charge). This is why we recommend using bank transfer to deal directly with us.

Genshin themed maid cafe Auckland NZ

Event is now fully booked.

view our recommended foods post.

Chamate (Auckland CBD) will provide us with an one-off Genshin themed menu of in-game foods! 🤤 19th February 2023. you will be served by “maids and butlers” of familiar faces from across the Teyvat nations. 😏*themed menu foods will be pre-order only.

At this event:

  • -Delicious Teyvat in-game inspired foods and drink by pre-orders only. (Registration opening next week!)
  • Maids and butlers of genshin impact characters will serve and interact with you throughout the event
  • Loads of minigames and prizes to be won, including FREE event-exclusive genshin impact merch produced by us.
  • Official and fan-made merch for sale

Date, time, location:

19th February 2023

12pm-2pm (first session)

3:30pm-5:30pm (possible second session)

Chamate, Auckland CBD (second floor)

There will likely be 2 sessions for this event, each 2 hours long and can fit up to 50 people each. We will open up the second session after the first session fills up to 75%.

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Menu & games preview:

-There are at least one dish per nation (Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma)

-there are 2 maids/butlers per nation

-each NPC(maid/butlers) will have special interactions with you and will give souvenirs.

DISCLAIMER: This event is FAN-MADE, made for local fans, and NOT for commercial gains. All monetary involvements of the organisers go toward funding this event and possible future fan-made events. The one-off menu is of fans’ request and the restaurant involved made no plans of reusing the menu for their own profits in the future.

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