Genshin themed maid cafe Auckland NZ

Event is now fully booked.

view our recommended foods post.

Chamate (Auckland CBD) will provide us with an one-off Genshin themed menu of in-game foods! 🤤 19th February 2023. you will be served by “maids and butlers” of familiar faces from across the Teyvat nations. 😏*themed menu foods will be pre-order only.

At this event:

  • -Delicious Teyvat in-game inspired foods and drink by pre-orders only. (Registration opening next week!)
  • Maids and butlers of genshin impact characters will serve and interact with you throughout the event
  • Loads of minigames and prizes to be won, including FREE event-exclusive genshin impact merch produced by us.
  • Official and fan-made merch for sale

Date, time, location:

19th February 2023

12pm-2pm (first session)

3:30pm-5:30pm (possible second session)

Chamate, Auckland CBD (second floor)

There will likely be 2 sessions for this event, each 2 hours long and can fit up to 50 people each. We will open up the second session after the first session fills up to 75%.

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Menu & games preview:

-There are at least one dish per nation (Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma)

-there are 2 maids/butlers per nation

-each NPC(maid/butlers) will have special interactions with you and will give souvenirs.

DISCLAIMER: This event is FAN-MADE, made for local fans, and NOT for commercial gains. All monetary involvements of the organisers go toward funding this event and possible future fan-made events. The one-off menu is of fans’ request and the restaurant involved made no plans of reusing the menu for their own profits in the future.

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